Desire to learn

Study achievements, work experience or willingness to learn. It is always difficult for job applicants to set the priorities in their CV when they decide to do a job. Some attach more importance to their own certificates and certificates, others make their rich work experience a strong side. Third parties focus on internships abroad and

Nutrition for students

Pizza, chocolate or fruit. What do the students like when they are preparing for an exam? And what brings more benefits? The exam time is a special period in the life of each student, which demands a lot of effort and mental activity. You have to be able to pursue a variety of activities and

Ghostwriting services

How do you find an excellent ghostwriter? Problems and solutions Problem: I can not find a qualitative author. Solution: Determine what is sufficient for you. This is the fact that very qualitative authors are hard to find. But you should first determine your own goal and only then search for the appropriate quality. Sometimes there

Students and housing

The acute housing shortage: why many students live in emergency apartments? Today the competition is increasing to find a cheap room anywhere in Europe. This situation is particularly topical in Berlin, because the capital reaches a record with 187,000 students. Nationwide, about 2.8 million students are enrolled – 40,000 more than in the previous year