Desire to learn

Study achievements, work experience or willingness to learn.

It is always difficult for job applicants to set the priorities in their CV when they decide to do a job. Some attach more importance to their own certificates and certificates, others make their rich work experience a strong side. Third parties focus on internships abroad and language skills. What is important? The CRF Institute has done a research and published the following results.

The absolute number one is even the personality of a candidate. More than 88% of the hiring managers are suitable for personal qualities to occupy the key position in the ranking.
With 73% comes the ability to communicate. This feature has been recognized as extremely important, as the sociable and team players can bring more profit than those who work independently.

Practical experience has always been one of the most important criteria in setting. Now it continues to gain importance. The more experience you gain, the higher the chances of getting a job.

The type of college also plays a role. Some executives also appreciate the university’s prestige. Nevertheless, one should not worry so much, if one has completed a not particularly regarded university. The main thing is knowledge.

Surprisingly, only 27% of employers consider language skills to be important. In any case, you get certain benefits when you master at least one foreign language.
The international experience, creativity and extra-curricular commitment take into account about 16-11 percent of executives.

And only 10% of employers find the final grades and school achievements significant.
The numbers speak their own language. After the ranking, it becomes clear that the personality is a crucial recruitment criterion. The character traits that an applicant does not possess can definitely be developed. Therefore, the candidates have every opportunity to get a dream job.

Leading German companies. What type of work do the world-famous companies need?
Many high school graduates dream of getting a prestigious job, for example in Deutsche Bahn, Siemens or Lufthansa. What are the requirements of the German TOP companies? How can you then hold a dream position?

For example, Deutsche Bahn hires a candidate who does well in a selection test. The school performance is not very important. In addition, the HR managers consider the candidate’s social and cognitive skills. This includes a sense of duty or technical understanding.

Siemens also introduced a 50-minute web test as an online application process. It should be mentioned, however, that this innovative process only exists since 2011. If an applicant has good concentration and spatial thinking, he has several chances to start a career at the technology company.

One of the most widespread drugstore chains DM emphasizes interpersonal skills, interest and commitment. The HR managers promote self-confidence and team spirit of their employees through creative workshops.

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