Nutrition for students

Pizza, chocolate or fruit. What do the students like when they are preparing for an exam? And what brings more benefits?

The exam time is a special period in the life of each student, which demands a lot of effort and mental activity. You have to be able to pursue a variety of activities and spend hours studying hard. What should the students actually eat during the exam time, so that they can demonstrate great results and not become dead tired at the same time? Let’s try to find our way around.

Which foods make our brain run?

“In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king and in the evening like a beggar”. This saying deserves 100% interest. After several hours of sleep, our body needs to replenish energy to work productively. With a full breakfast you better get into a day.

Scientifically, it has already been proven that students who do not have breakfast fare worse in a test than those who eat, for example, porridge with nuts and fruit. But it is important to eat light meals, so that we do not burden our digestion.

The performance can be increased with certain foods or with the so-called “brain food”. For example, oats with its minerals and vitamins are responsible for increased brain capacity. Such fruits as blueberries and strawberries improve our memory and promote information transfer between the brain and the nerves. Bananas or a bit of trail mix help to replenish energy reserves.

High-fat and sugary foods such as burgers, pizza, sweets or white bread can become ballast for our brains and complicate concentration. Therefore, these foods are better to avoid. Therefore, a simple meal for lunch is recommended. It could e.g. a fat-free dish or a salad, because the minerals and vitamins contained in the vegetables and wholegrain increase brain activity.

  • Practical tips for learning success
  • Drink enough liquid, especially more water, unsweetened teas and diluted fruit juice spritzers instead of soft drinks and sweetened drinks.
  • Take time for meals and try not to eat so fast.
  • Do not eat by the way! Try to have only relaxed and conscious food intake. So the nutrients can be digested.
  • Prefer light, low-fat lunch.
  • Take a short break or small walks.
  • Choose healthy snacks as snacks.
  • You are what you eat. You always have to think about that, and not just in the exam time. We hope that our tips are helpful and that exams will not be an issue for you.

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