Students and housing

The acute housing shortage: why many students live in emergency apartments?

Today the competition is increasing to find a cheap room anywhere in Europe. This situation is particularly topical in Berlin, because the capital reaches a record with 187,000 students. Nationwide, about 2.8 million students are enrolled – 40,000 more than in the previous year and almost one million more than 10 years ago.

But supply does not meet demand, although so many student councils build at federal level. It is particularly about such a quarter of the students, who lives with about 700 euros per month.

Dormitory as the cheapest alternative

On Wednesday at the annual DSW meeting Achim Meyer said at Heyde, Secretary General of the German Student Union (DSW), that the choice of dormitories should not depend on income. He has the certainty that more can be achieved in housing students. “For this, the federal government should create new dorm construction programs”. Over the next 4 years, a total of 1.45 billion euros will be required for the renovation and new construction of the dormitories.

But the dormitories are the best and most cost-effective alternative for students. That’s why the demand for dormitories is so high and it’s hard for the bulk of students to get a room.

Constant wait

The situation is also so strained in other student cities. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg more places were built in the dormitories, but it is not progressing so fast. Around 32,800 places were available at the end of 2014. A further 1,300 buildings must be ready by the end of 2017. The number of student dormitories must now increase to the large request of students.

For example, there are already more than 4,700 inquiries in just 1205 places at the beginning of the semester in Heidelberg. For now, there are even 3800 applicants on a waiting list in Stuttgart and about 1300 in T├╝bingen. Due to high demand, students have to wait more than half a year for their rooms in some locations.

Higher rental costs

Around 192,000 students live in the 1700 dormitories and one third are foreign students. There are only 9380 places to live in Berlin, but the waiting lists for a home are very long in every German city. Other students are looking for accommodation on the open market, or turn to their friends. Unfortunately, the bulk of foreign students do not have such a possibility.

As MMI (the Moses-Mendelssohn-Institut) says, prices for rooms and flats have risen in recent years. According to the company “Empirica”, rent for a shared room costs about 361 euros. The price depends on the city, z. In Munich, for example, it is about 550 euros, in the capital it is about 410 euros. On the whole, many rooms are expensive and students spend almost half of their income on rent.

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